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Distinguished and Famous people from Griffith

1. Antonio Agostini (1908-1995)

Antonio Agostini was an Italian-Australian grape grower and winemaker who played a significant role in establishing the viticulture industry in Griffith. He migrated to Australia in 1934 and settled in Griffith in 1945. Agostini's expertise in grape growing and winemaking techniques helped transform the region into a renowned wine production hub.

2. Donald Mackay (1933-1977)

Donald Mackay was an Australian anti-drugs campaigner and businessman. He became known for his vocal opposition against organized crime and drug trafficking in the Griffith area during the 1970s. Tragically, Mackay disappeared on July 15, 1977, and his presumed murder led to a royal commission investigation into organized crime in Australia.

3. Danielle Catanzariti (1989-2008)

Danielle Catanzariti was an aspiring Australian actress born in Griffith. She gained popularity for her role in the AFI award-winning film, "Hey, Hey, It's Esther Blueburger" (2008). Tragically, at the age of 18, Danielle passed away in a car accident in South Australia.

4. Roy Billing (born 1947)

Roy Billing is an Australian actor who hails from Griffith. He has appeared in numerous films, television shows, and stage productions. Some of his notable roles include playing characters in the film "The Dish" (2000) and the TV series "Underbelly" (2008-2013).

5. Warren Mundine (born 1956)

Warren Mundine is an Indigenous Australian political and social activist, as well as a former National President of the Australian Labor Party. He was born in Griffith and has played a significant role in advocating for indigenous rights, social justice, and reconciliation in Australia.

6. The Canavan Family

The Canavan family, including Terry Canavan and his four sons, have made notable contributions to the agricultural industry in the Griffith region. They pioneered advancements in rice cultivation, transforming Griffith into Australia's "Rice Capital." Their innovations and expertise significantly impacted the region's economy and made it a major player in the national rice industry.

7. Rino Grollo (born 1945)

Rino Grollo is an Australian businessman born in Griffith. He is the co-founder of Grocon, a prominent construction company in Australia. Grollo's contributions to the construction industry, including iconic structures such as the Rialto Towers in Melbourne, have helped shape the modern skyline of many Australian cities.

8. Sammy Rubbo (1920-1999)

Sammy Rubbo was an Italian-born Australian entrepreneur widely known for his involvement in the fruit and vegetable industry in Griffith. He played a significant role in establishing the region's reputation as a leading producer of fresh produce. Rubbo was a founding member of the Sydney Markets and contributed to the growth of the horticultural industry in Australia.

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